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Summer Intern, DevOps Engineer

Peak Games


This job is looking for motivated interns to join the Cloud Team in Peak office during August 2023. The interns will have the opportunity to learn application observability, modern cloud architectures, best practices, version control systems, CI/CD tools, and other DevOps tools. Applicants must be enrolled in a 3rd or 4th year of Computer Science/Computer Engineer/Information Technologies or related field of studies, have a schedule that allows them to work full-time during August 2023, be self-motivated and technically curious, and have experience with AWS, Golang, Python, and Docker (preferred). The hiring process includes a technical assignment through HackerRank to assess engineering skills, followed by a remote HR & Tech Interview and a remote final interview.

Job description

We are looking for motivated interns to join our Cloud Team in Peak office during August 2023. As a part of our Cloud team you will always have a lot of learning opportunities to improve your role-specific skills and expertise. It is a unique opportunity to dive into cutting edge technologies, as well as best practices used in the field and planning changes without down-time during peak hours. You will work with our Cloud Team that manages development and production environments.

What you will do during your internship

    • Learn application observability and how to resolve performance issues 
    • Expand knowledge in modern cloud architectures
    • Use application best practices 
    • Experience with a version control system (GIT), CI/CD tools (Jenkins, ArgoCD, GitHub actions) and other industry standard DevOps tools

You’ll need to:

    • Being enrolled in university and currently in your 3rd or 4th year of Computer Science / Computer Engineer /  Information Technologies or related field of studies
    • Have a schedule that allows you to work in Peak office full-time during August 2023.
    • Self-motivated and technically curious, able to prioritise and manage multiple tasks
    • Experience with AWS is a plus
    • Basic knowledge of Golang and Python is preferred 
    • Experience with Docker is a plus
    • Self-driven and motivated to learn Cloud concepts, workflows and processes

    • Hiring Process

      Once your application has been reviewed and selected to the next stage, you will get a technical assignment through HackerRank to assess your engineering skills.

      Following your assessments the next steps will be:

    • Remote HR & Tech Interview
    • Remote final interview

    • Good luck, we hope to hear from you soon!


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Location: Istanbul

Country: Turkey

Date found: 2023-02-18

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