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Sr. Content Strategist

1047 Games


1047 Games is a VC-backed company that creates unique sci-fi first-person shooter games. They are looking for a Senior Content Strategist who will be responsible for defining and executing the global community strategy, creating and fine-tuning best practices for social media accounts, and enhancing the shareability and virality of content. The ideal candidate should have 5+ years of content strategy/creation experience within the video game/entertainment industry, a keen understanding of hot gaming trends, platforms, and pop culture relevance, and experience in working with influencers/creators. They should also possess intangibles such as being resourceful, accountable, detail-oriented, efficient, organized, proactive, collaborative, an excellent communicator, and creative. Strong knowledge and/or playtime with Splitgate and/or competing products is a plus. This is a fully remote opportunity.

Job description


1047 Games began with the simple principle that people should have fun while making great games. Bucking convention and driven by a passion to create the ultimate gaming experience, Ian Proulx and Nicholas Bagamian founded 1047 Games in 2017 in their Stanford dorm room. Their love for arena shooters of the past drove them to create Splitgate, a unique sci-fi first-person shooter that adds portal guns to upend the genre.

What started as two computer science majors putting portals into a first-person shooter for a project demo has evolved into a VC-backed company which has raised more than $120MM in funding.

At 1047 Games, you’ll find a permanently remote, dedicated team of top-tier talent from some of the world’s biggest gaming and tech companies who share our founders’ vision. Grit, ingenuity, a desire to have fun, and a start up mentality define our crew. We are currently working on a brand new shooter in the Splitgate universe.

You are 1047 Games if you are:

  • Creative, driven, and organized
  • Never satisfied with the status quo
  • Able to think strategically and gain buy-in for your strategies
  • An excellent written and spoken communicator
  • A self-starter who can think big and work smart to maximize every opportunity
  • Experienced in or have a deep passion for the video game industry
  • A great teammate

What We Need:

As a Senior Content Strategist at 1047 Games, you would have the opportunity to work with a passionate and ambitious team of individuals who are dedicated to creating the best gaming experience possible for players and breaking the status quo. Your role would be integral in shaping the direction of 1047 Games’ content, ensuring that it appeals to a wide range of gamers and keeps them engaged for hours on end.

But it's not just about the job itself - it's also about the impact you could have on the future of the company. Splitgate, known for its unique combination of classic FPS gameplay and mind-bending portals, has already captured the hearts and minds of millions of players worldwide. As a Senior Content Strategist, you would be at the forefront of shaping the brand's future, helping to guide its growth and success. This role would allow you the freedom to explore new ideas and strategies, to push the boundaries of what's possible with gaming content, and to make your mark on the industry in a fully remote opportunity!


  • Define and help execute the global community strategy in collaboration with key stakeholders in both marketing and development
  • Create and fine-tune best practices for social media accounts, with a heavy focus on content
  • Help align on any agency support and manage the relationship with strategic insight, executional functions and reporting cadence
  • Maintain the brand voice and make sure all social content hits an acceptable quality bar
  • Own external community content and platform processes between the 1047 Games player community, developers, marketers, and other cross-functional teams
  • Enhance shareability and virality of content, measuring against determined KPIs and benchmarks
  • Collaborate with teammates to define community-driven content, channel focus, and voice strategies that are ultimately informed by the holistic strategy
  • Lead direct-to-player content that promotes informational, educational and two-way dialogue
  • Conceptualize and integrate community-driven content into the social calendar and cadence
  • Collaborate on activating 1047 Games influencers and everyday gamers IRL and online
  • Execute community-facing events, as well as feedback loops to help inform our development teams
  • Utilize social listening tools to compile reports, inform decision making, and make strategic adjustments based on content performance and key learnings
  • Advocate internally for players to all cross-functional teams but also have a keen understanding of business results and needs


  • 5+ years of content strategy/creation experience ideally within the video game/entertainment industry
  • A strategist by nature and a true visionary + executor
  • Experience with creating cross-functional processes and project management skills
  • Knows how to use all community platforms, their functions, and understands the specific nuances within each platform (Discord, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, etc.)
  • A keen understanding of hot gaming trends, platforms, and pop culture relevance
  • Fundamental knowledge of community strategy development
  • Experience in working with influencers/creators and/or has content creation experience
  • Must possess these intangibles: resourceful, accountable, detail oriented, can see plans through from start to finish, can combine quality with agility, can manage competing priorities, is efficient, organized, proactive, collaborative, an excellent communicator, and creative
  • Makes decisions that positively impact short-term and long-term goals
  • Strong knowledge and/or playtime with Splitgate and/or competing products
  • Experience with social listening analytical tools and setting KPIs/benchmarks


Location: Remote

Country: Remote

Date found: 2023-03-01

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