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Senior, Software Security Engineer - Contractor

Magic Leap

Job Description

Responsible for building the security of the company’s systems. The ideal candidate must think like a hacker and anticipate all of the moves and tactics that would eventually be used by such individuals to try and gain unauthorized access to systems.


  • Required 5+ years of experience in software development
  • Proven experience in OOP - C/C++ and Python or another scripting language
  • Understanding security vulnerabilities, exploitations and hardening techniques
  • Understanding OS internals and multi-threading
  • Strong ability to read and understand existing source code
  • Network security
  • Crypto knowledge, weaknesses, protocols
  • Network security
  • Reverse engineering binaries
  • Passion for working and securing a whole new OS Team player
  • B.A/M.Sc. or ex-army technology unit 
Additional Information
  • All your information will be kept confidential according to Equal Employment Opportunities guidelines.
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Date found: 2022-11-04

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