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ProbablyMonsters' Cauldron Team is seeking a Senior Graphic Artist to work on an original adventure game. The ideal candidate should have experience in print and UI layouts, iconography, package design, website design, logos, and illustrations. The role requires a strong visual communicator with solid art fundamentals and an up-to-date aesthetic understanding. The candidate should be an avid gamer with experience designing for and communicating to an audience of gamers. The Senior Graphic Artist will design and create logos, manage the creation of art in and around the studio, design in fiction languages and glyphs, and work with the UX team to prototype and create final UI elements for the game. The position requires a minimum of 5 years of related or equivalent work experience, excellent traditional and digital art skills, and a strong foundation in graphic design. The salary range for this position is $110,866 - $160,800. ProbablyMonsters offers a people-first culture, competitive benefits package, and a commitment to investing in the candidate's craft and long-term career.

Job description

About ProbablyMonsters’ Cauldron Team
At Cauldron, we’re passionate about empowering gamers to become the hero of their own adventures. We believe that a great story unites a global community, and we’re assembling the best creative talent in gaming to bring these stories – players’ stories – to life.

Our team is working on an original, industry-defining adventure game and seeks those who want to push the boundaries of not just their craft but player experiences and the industry as a whole.

Cauldron is proud to be part of ProbablyMonsters, which secured the largest Series A raise in gaming history at $250 million, providing our team with the resources and creative freedom needed to foster stable, rewarding, and life-long careers.


Our studio is looking for a Senior Graphic Artist who is experienced in the creation of print and UI layouts, iconography, package design, website design, logos, and illustrations. Being able to communicate brand, product identity and values clearly and with style.

The salary range for this position is $110,866 - $160,800. This range represents the salary for the position commensurate with experience, knowledge, and demonstrated success in the field.


  • Strong visual communicator with solid art fundamentals and up to date aesthetic understanding.
  • Avid gamer with experience designing for, and communicating to, an audience of gamers.
  • Enthusiastic about creating compelling designs for both in game and real-world use cases.
  • Unwavering in your desire to create a positive and inclusive work culture.
  • Effective at breaking down complex ideas and communicating them effectively across disciplines.
  • Motivated and independent, when possible, unafraid to ask for help when needed, and always willing to offer help.
  • Skilled at giving and receiving feedback in both visual design and interpersonal interactions.
  • Design and create Logos and Logotypes for Teams, Projects and in the game world.
  • Oversee the creation and creation of art in and around the studio to inspire the team and reinforce goals.
  • Design in fiction languages and glyphs that support larger narrative and design goals.
  • Design and manage the creation of swag for the studio and for PR events.
  • Work with the UX team to prototype and create final UI elements for the game.
  • Design and create templates for internal and external communications that celebrate our brands.
  • Requires a minimum of 5 years of related or equivalent work experience
  • Excellent traditional and digital art skills. You should be comfortable working in 2d and 3d on a wide range of subjects ranging from characters, to props, to Logos.
  • Strong foundation in graphic design including, brand development, layout, and typography skills.
  • A basic understanding of UI and UX principals will enable you to work hand in hand with the UX team to develop compelling player experiences that reinforce game themes while at the same time being relatable and easy to use.
  • Solid understanding of product design. You know how to express your designs and ideas in the context of real world applications such as posters, business cards, clothing, and billboards.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 or 5. Being capable of getting into the Unreal Editor to capture screenshots and videos is a big plus.
  • Familiarity with the principals of Accessibility in Games and being able to apply those to your design work.
  • Experience working with AAA Video Games studios is a plus.
  • A people-first culture founded on respect, trust, approachability, and accountability.
  • A stable home that values your potential, deeply cares about your work-life balance, and is committed to investing in your craft and long-term career.
  • Competitive benefits package, including a sign-on bonus; annual stock option grants; health coverage (medical, dental, vision) paid at 100% for the employee and subsidized by the Company for dependents; Flexible Spending Account eligibility; life, accidental death, and disability insurance coverage; annual 401K contribution by the Company; Employee Assistance Program; and extensive paid time off plus holiday closures.
About ProbablyMonsters™

ProbablyMonsters is an independent AAA video game company that aims to change the way games are made and inspire a better industry for all. Our mission is to unite, guide, and empower talented teams to redefine what it means to create exceptional games. Each team is led by creative leaders united under a strong, focused vision. They're given the resources and creative environment needed to foster stable, life-long careers while delivering industry-defining games within a healthy, rewarding culture.

Location: Bellevue, Washington <span class="jv

Country: United States

Date found: 2023-04-14

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