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Senior Engine Programmer (Unannounced Project)


Job description

We are looking for an experienced engine programmer to hit the Unreal Engine with a wrench and shout “I’m givin’er all she’s got Cap’n” and then give us some more, as we navigate the uncharted space of the next generation of games at ArenaNet.

There is a great deal of autonomy in this role to leverage your experience to anticipate technical challenges and stay ahead of them. Whether that be solutions to asset loading, managing our memory footprint, ensuring our gameplay systems are efficiently using the networking layer, or making sure we are always on top of performance as we make exciting new features, stunning art, and amazing player experiences. You will be proactive in helping the team out, doing what needs to be done, and keeping our engine of development purring.

In addition to tackling technical tasks, you will work across disciplines to support technical questions and to provide options that put code quality and performance first. You will anticipate and communicate tradeoffs and concerns of technical directions being taken and be able to advise on how design decisions impact those directions.

If helping teammates solve tough problems so they can keep working to move the project forward brings you great satisfaction; if pushing the capabilities of our code base to enable new gameplay possibilities excites you, and if you find joy in working with the team to maintain high standards to create an efficient and smooth-running game, then this role is for you!

Ab​​​out Our Team

The Engineering team at ArenaNet thrives on a wide array of perspectives, experiences, and interests. We know that the best creations come from healthy and friendly teams. Our work is woven together with the efforts of other disciplines and crafts within game development. We seek out voices and ideas that might be new to us. We are always on the lookout for ways to help each other, both within the Engineering team, and throughout the studio as a whole.

Who We Are Looking For

You, our ideal candidate, are proficient in C++ and fearless at spelunking engine internals to solve low level issues such as threading optimization, reducing memory footprints, handling synchronization and all the other terrors of the deep code that haunt the dreams of engineers everywhere.

You are super approachable. Your thorough knowledge, willingness to tackle tough problems, and friendly demeanor when explaining complex technical issues inspire your teammates of all disciplines to seek you out for help. Helping your teammates solve tough problems and keeping them working brings you great joy.

Tech debt makes you itch with discomfort and you work to keep it under control, either by directly tackling it or by helping others to stay on top of it when they need a boost. You are an evangelist for maintaining performance, high coding standards, and efficient code architecture.

You worked to improve your workflows and those of your team. You are an active participant in helping to develop and evolve meaningful production practices. You understand the value of planning, estimating, and communication as part of the engine of production that drives the development of the game.

We are open to remote work in AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, MA, MD, NC, NV, NY OR, TX, UT and WA or onsite/hybrid/flex at our office in Bellevue, WA.

Total compensation is salary plus an annual bonus potential. Please note that the listed pay range is a general guideline only. We take into consideration the geography in which you live and your experience and qualifications when determining final salary. This role is also eligible for medical, dental, vision and life insurance, short and long term disability, 401(k), flexible and dependent care spending accounts, PTO, paid holidays and parental leave.
Remote pay range
$127,999—$190,000 USD

Location: Bellevue, WA

Country: United States

Date found: 2023-03-17

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