Rogue Company – Senior Technical Animator


Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios is looking to hire an experienced Technical Animator to join our team and work remotely or in-person with our Alpharetta, Georgia studio on Rogue Company.

At Hi-Rez, you will have an opportunity to be part of an innovative environment that embraces new and different ideas. We are a passionate and enthusiastic bunch who love video games. We have incredibly talented individuals who are empowered to create, & challenged to learn. All of this means more opportunities for you to unleash your energy, collaboration, and dedication.

Come join the creator of the critically acclaimed SMITE, Paladins, Tribes: Ascend, and Global Agenda as we embark on exciting new game projects!

What our Senior Technical Animators do at Hi-Rez Studios:

    • Work closely with modeling and animation teams to create optimized rigs that fully address the needs of each character’s functionality. 
    • Weight characters in an efficient manner while maintaining a high degree of visual and deformation fidelity. 
    • Create tools that streamline the character creation workflow throughout the entire pipeline. 
    • Maintain character hierarchical standards and protocols. 
    • Ability to troubleshoot pre-existing character rig setups / scripts. 
    • Ability to predict deformation behaviors on meshes at early stages of development.
    • Ability to troubleshoot integration and rig or dynamics problems in Unreal.

Who we are looking for:

    • 5-7 or more years experience with character rigging / skinning in a production environment. 
    • Advanced knowledge of Maya. 
    • Extensive experience with various rig setups, including bipedal, quadruped, and complex robotic / mechanical characters. 
    • Strong understanding of both Figure and Facial Anatomy 
    • In-depth understanding of Python/MEL, scripted controllers and expressions. Familiarity with C++ or equivalent.
    • Advanced knowledge of FK/IK systems and other methods of driving a hierarchy of bones. 
    • Pipeline tool development with Python/C++, including DCC tools and/or standalone applications.
    • Experienced with using the Unreal 4 Engine or equivalent game engine in a production environment.
    • Strong understanding of rigid body dynamic systems and/or hair in Unreal 4 Engine.
    • Experienced at creating, fine-tuning, and debugging cloth simulation in Unreal 4 Engine.
    • Good understanding of Skeletal Mesh and Animation Graph setups in game engines.
    • Excellent 3D math skills including Linear Algebra.
    • Passion to learn and teach new methods and techniques.
    • Ability to lead small teams, mentor junior team members, and collaborate with other departments.
    • Self-motivated, well-organized, strong communication skills, and able to multitask.
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Date posted: 2022-01-20