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About ProbablyMonsters™ Studios
ProbablyMonsters Studios is a developer-led independent game company with the mission to unite, guide, and empower talented teams to create exceptional original games while thriving in stable and meaningful careers.

Our 3 studios are each developing an original game:
• Firewalk™ is working on a new multiplayer IP to be exclusively published by PlayStation
• Cauldron™ is developing a single-player, adventure-driven game
• Our RPG Team is creating a next-gen co-op RPG

We recently announced the largest Series A raise in gaming history at $250 million, which provides our teams with the resources and creative environment needed to foster stable, rewarding, and life-long careers. Our Monster mindset of people-first, our ethos of predictable excellence, and our purpose of inspiring a healthier industry has attracted 200+ likeminded professionals who unapologetically defend the sustainable home we have built together, a home free of storms that allows for focused creativity.

The Role
One of our incubation teams is looking for a Production Director who is passionate about healthy game teams and delivering exceptional experiences. This role will architect our processes, keep us focused on what matters, and connect the dots that inform our successes & failures. In addition, our Production Director is the key advocate for keeping our projects predictable, oriented toward our goals, within constraints, and appropriately scoped. Our team was founded with the belief that small teams can build genre-defining games without sacrificing their well-being. We believe that if we prioritize culture in the team, quality in products, candor in communication, and open alignment in leadership, it is the best way to meet this goal.

Note that this role and team will be remote.

Who You Are:

  • You are passionate about crafting effective processes, tailored to the unique needs of the team. • You enjoy growing people and are capable of managing Producers of all levels.
  • You can reliably draw complex information from the team to forecast and spot trouble before it begins.
  • You perceive leadership as a humbling opportunity to work in service of your team.
  • You have finesse in communication skills necessary to guide our leadership team through difficult decisions, as early and often as possible.
  • You have unique insights into how to incubate healthy, high functioning teams and build great organizational foundations from the very beginning.
  • You enjoy video games and empathize deeply with our players.

What You Will Do:
  • Collaborate with leadership to balance delivery with team health, ensuring we succeed along both axes.
  • Hire, manage, and grow the Producers on the team with empathy and accountability.
  • Create and improve team processes to meet the needs of the team and phase of project - pulling from a variety of production techniques where helpful.
  • Align milestone dates, goals, and scope in a clear, predictable, and well communicated plan.
  • Hold the team accountable to constant growth and iteration - for the game, team processes, and team health.
  • Communicate “pulse” progress upwards and outwards with clear, consistent, and relevant info to the audiences who need it.
  • Collaborate with others in the leadership team on overall strategy and P&L management, specifically providing high-level reporting of budget / team allocations.
  • Track team morale and health, and advocate for improvement if/when challenges arise.
  • Define production craft best-practices, and train the team in how to run more effective meetings and rituals.
  • Develop & communicate risk mitigation plans.

  • Proven capability of leading Production on all project phases in "AAA" titles – experience in a Producer (or similar) role.
  • Proven capability of managing & mentoring a small team of Producers.
  • Experience in a breadth of production methodologies, such that you can leverage and adapt practices to fit small/lean teams, especially in early incubation phases
Our commitment to you:
  • A people-first culture founded on respect, trust, approachability, and accountability.
  • A stable home that values your potential, deeply cares about your work-life balance, and is committed to investing in your craft and long-term career.
  • Competitive benefits package including health and family benefits, employee assistance program, flexible and paid time off, financial benefits and professional and personal development.

Location: Bellevue, Washington
Date found: 2022-11-02

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