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Monetization Director (M/NB/W)



The Monetization Director will be responsible for developing and implementing a long-term monetization strategy for an unannounced project in the Paris studio. They will work closely with production teams to prioritize monetization opportunities based on key performance indicators and collaborate with game designers to identify and implement new features and items to improve user conversion, retention, and monetization. The Monetization Director will also work with marketing teams to develop efficient marketing for monetized features and items, collaborate with BI and financial planning teams to measure, analyze, and forecast performance and revenues, and conduct market research to stay on top of industry trends.

Job description

Reporting to the Brand Director, you will join the marketing team of one of our ambitious unannounced projects in the Paris studio. As a Monetization Director (M/NB/W), your daily quest will be to define a long term monetization strategy which respects the core values of the game, and creates an optimal player experience. You will collaborate with the production teams in order to prioritize monetization opportunities based on key performance indicators. Your missions will be the following: - Define, implement and monitor the game's monetization strategy to maximize player conversion and revenues using Acquisition and Retention levers - Define in-game item pricing, identify potential sales drivers, launch innovative monetization offers and features (i.e. subscriptions, virtual goods, social monetization) and optimize the monetization flow and consumer experience for the players, maintaining the integrity of the vision for the game - Define tools to sustain your post-launch business operations Follow-up the quality of monetization features and content integration - Work in close collaboration with game designers to identify, design and implement new features and items to improve user conversion, retention and monetization - Liaise with marketing teams to develop an efficient marketing for the monetized features and items of the game - Collaborate with BI & financial planning teams to measure, analyze and forecast the performance and revenues of the game’s monetized content - Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets for monetization. - Provide monetization and item sales reporting and communicate information on key performance indicators (KPIs) to interested teams - Conduct and communicate competition and market watch to stay on the edge of the industry’s monetization practices and trends

Location: Paris

Country: France

Date found: 2023-03-09

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