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Machine Learning Operations Internship



The job is a paid internship for 6 months, with a requirement of 20 hours per week. The position is for a Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) specialist, who will work with the MLOps team of Wargaming's Business Intelligence's Data Science. The candidate should have basic software development skills, basic data processing skills, basic Linux experience, basic understanding of foundations and practices of Machine Learning, and the ability to efficiently communicate in English. Preference will be given to candidates eligible to work in the Czech Republic. The internship offers the opportunity to work on real projects, flexible hours, and access to multiple benefits. The mentors for the program are experienced professionals in the field of MLOps. The internship is part of Wargaming Forge, a career program for novices seeking to master game development and eventually land a job.

Job description

Duration: 6 months 

Format: Paid Internship 

Application period: April 19 - May 10, 2023 (until 12:00 am, UTC+3) 

Terms: 20 hrs/wk

Additional info: Preference will be given to candidates eligible to work in the Czech Republic (EU nationals and individuals holding a valid work/study visa). 

Machine Learning Operations, or MLOps, is an emerging discipline that lives on the edge between Data Science and Machine Learning, Software- and Data-Engineering, and Operations of IT systems. Being an MLOps specialist requires a good understanding of all the above fields and a deeper specialization in at least one of them. 

Working along with the members of the MLOps team (part of Wargaming's Business Intelligence's Data Science), you will get exposed to and will contribute to real-life projects, which include:  

  • Development and enhancements of in-house Python modules for data processing and intra-system communication 
  • Optimization of processing- and execution- pipelines to adhere to higher standards of data handling 
  • Optimization of the Data Science prototypes to reduce the computation time and resource footprint 
  • Configuration and enhancement of the scheduling and monitoring systems, etc.  

With a wide variety and variability of possible subdisciplines, you can rest assured that, given your passion and skillset, you will focus on tasks that will let you grow professionally and give you the satisfaction that your contributions have had a direct impact on millions of players of our games.

What will you learn? 

You will learn how to solve problems or mitigate risks arising in the context of development, deployment, maintenance, and monitoring of real-life Machine Learning projects at the scale of millions of predictions per day. You will gain or improve a wide range of skills ranging from simply contributing to a project via a git or squeezing the most out of the (existent) code in terms of computational efficiency to extending the in-house model quality monitoring system. 

What will you get? 

  • Work experience on real projects in a leading global game development company with top-notch mentors’ support 
  • Opportunity to work flexible hours and combine them with studies
  • Modern environment and access to multiple benefits
  • Possibility for future hiring

Your mentors will be: 

Pavel Elkind is the MLOps Team Lead and will cover Operations in DS/AI context, Development, CNVRG platform. He is the main mentor for this program. Pavel has an advanced degree in Natural Sciences and over seven years of experience at Wargaming as a Data Scientist and Lead of the Prague Data Science team. He has contributed to large-scale open-source and proprietary scientific modeling software in the past. He coordinates the work of the MLOps team and works closely with Data Science and various Data Analytics teams across the company. 

Konstantin Lyubonevich is a Senior Data Engineer at MLOps team and covers the topics of Work with Big Data and Databases, Development, and Wargaming internal tooling. Konstantin has 20+ years of experience as a software developer/data engineer, nine of which spent at Wargaming. A universal specialist with a wide range of experience, his expertise and advice are invaluable.  

Sergey Pashkevich is a DevOps in the MLOps team and will teach Kubernetes, Docker, Network and System administration, and Wargaming internal tooling. Sergey joined relatively recently, about two years ago, but has proven to be an enormous contributor to the team. He makes sure that the clock is ticking on all our on-premises and cloud servers, as well as monitors for and resolves various operational incidents. 

Andrey Yarmola is the Director of Data Science and will introduce a broad Wargaming Context. With an advanced degree in Mathematics, Andrey was one of the first members of the Wargaming BI Data Science team. He has been leading and growing it from a single-location, few-people operation to a globally distributed team of around 20 members. In addition to managing the team, Andrey's main focus is high-impact ad-hock analyses for the CEO office and Product Leadership groups across Wargaming. 

 What are we looking for? 

  • Basic software development skills (preferably in Python)
  • Basic data processing skills (preferably in SQL)
  • Basic Linux experience (as a user and system administrator)
  • Basic understanding of foundations and practices of Machine Learning 
  • Ability to efficiently communicate in English
  • Ability to work in a team 

 What will help you stand out? 

  • Some familiarity with Kubernetes and cloud (AWS) 
  • Analytical thinking and open-mindedness 
  • Desire and passion for collaborating with Data Scientists
  • Not being afraid of stepping into (Data Science) projects at their prototyping stage 

About Wargaming Forge 

No master is complete without an apprentice—and our team is itching for fresh talent. Operating since 2017, Wargaming Forge is a career program for novices seeking to master game development and eventually land a job. Our courses and internships are supervised by industry professionals who mentor, teach, and prepare early career talents for success in gaming, focusing on creativity and applicable skills for real-life development scenarios. We always offer the best students and interns a job at Wargaming—192 graduates have already joined us! 
Sounds like you? Prepare your hammers and anvils because the Forge is hot for action. 

For more information, please follow our WG Forge web page. 

About Wargaming 

Wargaming is an award-winning online game developer and publisher headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Operating since 1998, Wargaming has become one of the leaders in the gaming industry with 15 offices worldwide, including studios in Chicago, Prague, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Vilnius. Our diverse and multicultural team works together to deliver a top-class experience to millions of players who enjoy Wargaming's titles across all major gaming platforms. Our flagship products include free-to-play hits World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Tanks Blitz.

Please see Wargaming Candidate Privacy Policy for details on how Wargaming uses your personal data.

Location: Prague Office

Country: Czech Republic

Date found: 2023-04-29

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