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Gameplay Animator

Gunzilla Games


Gunzilla Games is an independent AAA developer working on its Battle Royale 2.0 Off The Grid in three metropolitan locations. They are looking for a Gameplay Animator who can create high-quality gameplay animations showing good quality body mechanics, make sure the intent of the movement fits the game vision and art style and share responsibilities for the gameplay systems. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 3+ years of experience in video game animation, a strong understanding of body mechanics and realistic animation, and a solid knowledge of animation principles. Gunzilla offers flexible working, health insurance, revenue-based bonuses, English/German courses, 25 annual paid vacation and sick days, public transportation, relocation and accommodation support, and office perks and gym membership.

Job description


Founded in 2020, Gunzilla Games is a fresh, independent AAA developer working on its Battle Royale 2.0 Off The Grid in three metropolitan locations: Frankfurt, Germany (HQ); Los Angeles, USA; and Kyiv, Ukraine. The company is helmed by serial entrepreneur CEO, Vlad Korolev and CSO Alexander Zoll. Gunzilla is built on the desire to innovate and push the limits of the industry.    

Gunzilla’s formidable team of talent comes from a variety of industry-leading studios and publishers (Ubisoft, Electronic Arts (EA), THQ etc) as well as Oscar-nominated screenwriter, director and producer Neill Blomkamp, Chief Visionary Officer, and the author of the Altered Carbon series, that has been adapted into a popular Netflix show, Richard K. Morgan, Script Writer.

Gunzilla Leadership team includes well-known industry professionals like Timur Davidenko, Chief Technology Officer (Far Cry, Warface, and Crysis), Scott Probin, Studio Director (EA Sports’ NHL series, the Need for Speed franchise, Populous 2, Powermonger, Space Hulk), Oleksiy Plaksin, Lead Art Director, (Moto GP and RIDE, Warface and Act of Aggression, Sniper: Ghost Warrior), Dmitriy Markov, Technical Director (Metro: Exodus, Arktika.1), Volodymyr Savin, Audio Director (Cut the Rope, Metro Exodus, HBO Chernobyl series).


    • Players First & Foremost. We aim to create titles that players love and get lost in, so our games are developed with them in mind from the start.
    • We Believe in Our People. We believe in building strong teams of self-motivated individuals empowered to work at their best in a supportive environment; when we’re strong together, we thrive together.
    • Commitment to Engagement & Quality. We are deeply passionate about what we do, ensuring we produce next-generation experiences of the highest calibre.
    • Make Bold Moves & Innovate. We strive to make bold moves and push technology to its limits; there are no wrong steps if the outcome redefines the boundaries.
    • Open & Honest. We believe in building trust through transparency and honest communication. We’re proud of who we are, what we stand for, and what we’re building.


      Gunzilla Games are looking for a talented Gameplay Animator who can help bring life to our characters.

      As an Animator, you will create high-quality gameplay animations showing good quality body mechanics, make sure the intent of the movement fits the game vision and art style and share responsibilities for the gameplay systems.

      In this fast-paced and technically evolving field, you will be expected to be proactive, able to communicate clearly with your team and work collaboratively as part of a multi-disciplined team consisting of, 3D modellers, concept artists, designers, programmers and etc.


    • In your role as Gameplay Animator you will:
    • Create believable human / non-human keyframe and motion capture animation. 
    • Be part of the design and troubleshooting of animation systems 
    • Contribute to the artistic & technical gameplay animation goals for the project. 
    • Collaborate with all teams on animation workflows & pipeline development. 
    • Will work closely with Tech artists, programmers and designers to find resolutions to common issues.  
    • You'll have a good understanding of the engine and animation tools 
    • You'll play the game regularly in order to find inconsistencies and assess the overall quality of the animation 
    • Prototyping for games and knowing how to make blockout assets that can help Designers quickly implement ideas  
    • Be self-dependent and report to your line manager (Lead Animator) with issues related to our animation systems
    • Maintain clear design and technical documents using Confluence, JIRA, and Microsoft Office tools alongside other disciplines  


    • Minimum of 3+ years experience in video game animation, or any other relevant  
    • experience; We welcome cinematics and feature/VFX animators as well 
    • Strong understanding of body mechanics and realistic animation; 
    • Work experience with Maya HIK or Motionbuilder
    • Attention to detail; the character’s movements are key elements of the player’s  
    • experience; 
    • Adaptability, suppleness, flexibility, open mind; 
    • Solid knowledge of animation principles and an eye for dynamic poses, strong in  
    • keyframe animation and motion capture methods. 
    • A deep understanding of human behaviour, a strong sense of expressing character  
    • through movement. 
    • Experienced in developing animation for game engines and movement systems;  
    • working with motion capture data and relevant pipelines; working with Unreal  
      Engine or similar. 


    • Programming knowledge in Python 2.7 or 3.7 
    • Having edited AAA mocap and pcap data 
    • Thorough understanding of Unreal 4/5 and locomotion systems  
    • Experience with Animbot (Maya 3rd party plugin)  
    • Rigging and skinning  
    • Basic knowledge of cascadour, ragdoll mechanics  
    • Space switching workflow  
    • Interest in new technologies and adaptability to new workflows 


    • Flexible Working & Work from Home
    • Health Insurance
    • Revenue Based Bonuses
    • English / German Courses
    • 25 Annual Paid Vacation & Sick Days
    • Public Transportation
    • Relocation & Accommodation Support
    • Office Perks & Gym Membership
Videogames are for everyone, so everyone should have the opportunity to create them. We’re looking for a huge variety of unique life experiences to help shape the worlds we’re developing, so promise your application will be given the same consideration as everyone else’s, regardless of your background. Let’s make video game history together!
Here’s what you can expect when applying at Gunzilla.
·        Simply fill in the registration form and send us your CV & Portfolio, if applicable
·        If your selected, you’ll be contacted by our recruitment team for a Zoom call.
·        After this the next steps would be Hiring manager and Team Zoom interviews, or you’ll be invited to meet us at our recruiting studio.
·        Some roles require a competency test, which the recruitment team will support you on.
·        Following your interview, we’ll contact you either way.
·        If the interview went well but we feel you aren’t suited to the specific role, we’ll retain your details (with your permission) for future consideration.
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Location: FrankfurtKyiv /

Country: Germany

Date found: 2023-03-11

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