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Crowd Supervisor

Double Negative Visual Effects


DNEG is seeking a Crowd Supervisor to manage the artistic and technical aspects of the crowd team on a show. The role involves supervising artists and leads, collaborating with other departments, troubleshooting technical issues, and participating in the recruitment of the crowd team. The ideal candidate should have proven experience in producing crowd simulations, expert knowledge of Houdini and Maya, and experience working in a Linux production environment. Strong leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills are also required. The company is a leading visual effects and animation company with offices and studios worldwide.

Job description

Position at DNEG

The Crowd Supervisor is responsible for the artistic and technical management of the crowd team on a show, ensuring the highest-quality crowd simulations are produced in line

With the client’s creative vision and to the standards required by the department. This includes leading artists and leads, coordinating with all levels of production, and interacting with other department supervisors, technology teams, VFX, DFX, CG Supes, and the Director/Client.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Supervise the Crowd team and provide them with aesthetic and technical guidance and support.
  • Collaborate with Producers, Department Supervisors, Pipeline, and R&D teams, to ensure the smooth running of the crowd department and high-quality output.
  • Responsible for implementing efficient and effective ways to integrate crowd workflows and tools within the DNEG pipeline.
  • On-going communication with artists, leads, production and supervisor regarding schedules, deadlines and shot/sequence feedback.
  • Attend and sometimes drive relevant meetings on shots, sequences and dev work.
  • Shot/Workflow setups and troubleshooting technical issues both on the artist/agent level as required.
  • Participate in the interviewing and recruiting of the crowd team.
  • Identify and break down behaviours into cycles for guiding the cycle anim team to animate.
  • Address technical issues and identify best practices for the team.
  • Participate in the development of the Crowd Maya/Houdini Pipeline.
  • Collaboration with other DNEG global locations to leverage global knowledge and input, reduce duplicated effort, and encourage parity in the methodologies and tooling used.

Must Have

  • Proven experience in producing crowd simulations with an eye for details, a good sense of timing.
  • Expert knowledge of Houdini, and good working knowledge of Maya.
  • Working knowledge of Python, VEX, and/or C++.
  • Experience working in a Linux production environment.
  • Experienced in project management, balancing quality with time constraints.
  • Expert Creative sense and ability to understand artistic directions from VFX Supe and the Directors and guide the team accordingly.
  • Strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent artistic, technical, leadership and communication skills.
  • Good understanding of the filmmaking process in VFX production.
  • Expert understanding of all parts of the production pipeline and processes.
  • Previous experience as a Supervisor and/or significant experience in a Lead role.

Nice to Have

  • Experience working with a USD based pipeline, and rendering through Clarisse and Solaris.
  • Previous experience in cycle animation, character animation, rigging, or mocap.
  • Additional experience with Motion Builder, Massive, Golaem or other crowd software packages.
  • Feature Animation experience.

About Us
We are DNEG, one of the world’s leading visual effects and animation companies for the creation of award-winning feature film, television, and multiplatform content. We employ more than 10,000 people with worldwide offices and studios across North America (Los Angeles, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver), Europe (London), Asia (Bangalore, Mohali, Chennai, Mumbai) and Australia (Sydney).

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Country: Canada

Date found: 2023-03-27

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