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GetMega is one of the first skill based Real Money Gaming platform for the smartphone generation of the world. We are building a platform where players are pitted against each other to compete in various games requiring skills like Reaction, Attention, Spatial and Logic Reasoning, Visual and Auditory Processing etc. We haver games accross various categories including some of the well known cards and casual game. You should definitely checkout our app at

GetMega is founded by two Computer Sciences Undergraduates from IIT Kanpur who have previously run and sold VC funded startup in the logistics domain. We are based out of Bengaluru, India and have raised multi-million dollar funding from Top-Tier Institutional Venture Capitalists to disrupt the multi-billion dollar skill based gaming market around the world.

Do you have a passion for closing deals and building business relationships? Do you see revenue, partnerships, and alliances everywhere? Are business generating ideas and growth hacks constantly popping up in your mind? Do you have a keen eye to spot business opportunities which can bring step function growth? We’re looking for a talented business development managers who’ll apply their outreach, communication, and negotiation skills to bring, build, and grow business for user acquisition

Values of a Business Development Manager

    • Always thinking targets: You live and breathe targets. Once you set your eyes on the mark, you will move mountains to achieve that
    • Master of follow-ups: You have a system of continuous follow-ups to make sure that the deal is closed and business is progressing as usual
    • Negotiation Wizard: You have a habit of not leaving even a penny on the table and will always get a better deal for your organisation 
    • The Don of Deals: You think “I will make him an offer that he can’t refuse’ and aspire to be the Don Corleone at business deals. You understand what makes the needle move for the person that you are dealing with 
    • Learn, apply, repeat: You should be efficient at understanding what works and what does not work, and applying the market learnings in the next project you take up
    • Data-driven attitude: We don’t shoot in the bling, and neither should you. We make decisions based on a blend of data, observations, and learned intuitions. You should be able to constantly optimise and run experiments based on past successes and failures. Hit the bull’s eye with data and keep tweaking your designs accordingly 
    • x to 10x mindset: You flow like a breeze with both following a process and building one as well. You have absolute confidence in building business from the ground up and scaling it from x to 10x equally
    • Tools are your BFFs: If there is something repetitive and tedious, you have an itch to automate it. You are continuously looking for ways to automate manual processes
    • Acquisition mindset: You understand how acquisition happens for a D2C startup and are always looking to build new channels for user acquisition organically 
    • Plays for the team: You’ll be a part of a dynamic start-up and get to work with different digital marketing experts. You should be willing to seek feedback from others, and give constructive feedback to them as well. You’ll also get the opportunity to work with different teams such as revenue, analytics, product, engineering, retention, brand, design, and more
    • Always looking for the next big thing: You did a terrific job but while the celebration is on, you have already started thinking about the next big thing that will be the reason for the next celebration

What you should deeply care about

    • Making a big impact on the company bottom line through well thought out, data-driven collaboration and business deals 
    • Data, learnings, experimentation
    • User acquisitions through organic channels and continuously looking for new channels
    • Identifying the risk involved in making a channels successful and mitigating the risk through effective project management 

What you’d be doing

    • Collaborating with agencies & creators on YouTube, Instagram and other social media platforms for user acquisition through influencer marketing
    • Running an outreach campaign to collaborate with third party websites to list GeMega on their web property and redirect users to the GetMega website
    • Coordinating with college campuses and universities to conduct tournaments, events, and fests to drive user acquisition
    • Building an affiliate program for GetMega which can be leveraged to onboard affiliate website, creators, and apps to drive user acquisition
    • Managing a team of 6-7 members having interns and full time employees
    • Collaborating with analytics, engineering, brand, and design teams for all growth activities to drive organic user acquisition
    • Conducting training sessions for interns to onboard them for departmental processes
    • Outreaching to different businesses for strategic initiatives or partnerships with GetMega and drive acquisition
    • Hiring new members for the team to implement various strategies for business development and driving growth via specific channels
    • Developing OKRs, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily targets & objectives to achieve key results for the department 

Superpowers you’ll need to be a success in this role

    • Strong communication skills both written and spoken
    • Project management capabilities to run any project in a smooth manner with set processes and quality checks
    • Negotiation skills that turn any collaboration a profitable proposition for both parties 
    • Technical skills to scale any process with automation and tools usage
    • Quick learning abilities of multiple platforms such as social media platforms, web properties, CMS (content management system), email marketing, and affiliate program
    • Ability to work under pressure, and to handle multiple projects at once
    • Strong understanding of data to predictly grow the system through business development activities
    • Ability to drive insights from data and implement those insights for better process development
GetMega is committed to building a diverse and inclusive company that celebrates and develops individuals of all backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all applicants. 
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Location: Bangalore

Date posted: 2022-01-20