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GetMega is one of the first skill based Real Money Gaming platform for the smartphone generation of the world. We are building a platform where players are pitted against each other to compete in various games requiring skills like Reaction, Attention, Spatial and Logic Reasoning, Visual and Auditory Processing etc. We haver games accross various categories including some of the well known cards and casual game. You should definitely checkout our app at

GetMega is founded by two Computer Sciences Undergraduates from IIT Kanpur who have previously run and sold VC funded startup in the logistics domain. We are based out of Bengaluru, India and have raised multi-million dollar funding from Top-Tier Institutional Venture Capitalists to disrupt the multi-billion dollar skill based gaming market around the world.

Do you get upset every time you see a badly designed ad layout? Do you see CTRs, CPCs & CLVs everywhere? Are poster layouts and art direction on your mind when you’re Netflixing & not chilling? Do you spend hours on social media and dream of your campaign creatives going viral? Do you have a keen eye for banners, PNs, iconography across various apps?
We’re looking for a talented visual designer & project manager who’ll apply their design, management, layout & typography skills to lead all creative collaterals for the brand team across multiple platforms for acquisition as well as perform project management for all graphic designers & illustrators across the brand team.

What are we looking for, in you?

    • The Don of Design: Directly handling a super-talented team of 4-6 visual designers & graphic designers, & motivating them to deliver their best work ever!
    • The Lord of Layouts: Creating world-class layouts should be a piece of cake for you. The requirement could come from literally anywhere - product, growth, social media, video, game art, and so on.
    • Seamless planning & execution: Tracking the collateral requirements from growth, planning work accordingly, giving direction & feedback to the visual designers, and delivering those in time should be your forte. These collaterals include static banner ads, in-app banners, image push notifications, website banners, game art posters, etc.
    • Coordinate like a beast: You should be highly efficient at coordinating with the growth team, understanding the performance of acquisition ads, and becoming the single-point-of-contact for sharing the market learnings with the brand team.
    • Data-driven attitude: We don’t shoot in the blind, and neither should you. We take decisions based on a blend of data, observation, and learned intuition. You should be able to constantly optimise and run experiments based on past successes and failures. Hit the bull’s eye with data and keep tweaking your designs accordingly.
    • Attention to details: You should enjoy editing creatives, adding new elements and fixing even the smallest of errors. The devil is in the details! Are you the layout devil we’re looking for?
    • Love for all things social: If you find yourself spending hours on Instagram and Twitter, and keeping a tab on everything viral, then you’ll be at home in the brand team.
    • Creates logos for fun: Do you create your own fonts, reimagine popular logos or come up with new ones on your own?
    • Flexible as a cat: Market trends emerge and change in a short span of time, and you need to be ready for it. Your work style & temperament should have room for quick changes and prompt action. You should be eager to constantly learn new typography styles & design new templates.
    • Plays for the team: You’ll be a part of a dynamic start-up and get to work with different artists, content developers, designers,  animators, and musicians. You should be willing to seek feedback from others, and give constructive feedback to them as well. You’ll also get the opportunity to work with different teams such as social media, game art, video, animation, product design to broaden your horizons.

What should you deeply care about?

    • Making a big impact on the company bottom line through well thought out, data-driven creatives
    • Data, learnings, experimentation
    • Forever evolving and experimenting with styles as a graphic designer
    • Ensuring brand look and feel is consistent across all platforms

What would you be doing?

    • Creating ads, app banners, layouts, logos, icons, emailers, landing pages for all our marketing efforts
    • Collaborating with the growth / social media / content / games teams and aligning your artistic sensibilities with the business objectives
    • Going the extra mile in supporting the growth team’s efforts in delivering time-sensitive collaterals
    • Bringing your imagination to life quickly, through iterative processes and multitasking in a fast-paced environment
    • Staying on top of upcoming trends and styles, to ensure our creatives are relevant and in sync with the same
    • Smoothly adapting to different art styles, typographic styles, etc in conjunction with the brand guidelines
    • Developing a deep understanding of colours, composition, typography
    • Wherever required, turning your designs into a 360° experience, by imagining music, branding, & more
    • Doubling up as a contributor to the social media, product design, game art, video & animation teams, to broaden your horizons

Superpowers you’ll need to be a success in this role

    • Ability to plan, track, deliver, learn & adapt to all growth-related requirements
    • Love of typography and creating interesting, clean layouts
    • Technical proficiency in the softwares used to create all required art assets (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Procreate)
    • Special interest in product on-boarding & storytelling
    • Excellent communication & collaboration skills
    • Ability to create multiple options in various looks and styles, and to quickly translate your ideas visually to your team
    • Ability to work under pressure, and to handle multiple projects at once
    • Willingness to understand the market performance of your creatives, and to incorporate that feedback into your future work
    • Decent understanding of leading platforms, including but not limited to FB, Insta, YouTube, Google Ads, Affiliates, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Medium, Reddit

What would you get from GetMega?

    • The rare opportunity to join one of the hottest Indian startups with multi-million dollar funding. We are not just another gaming studio, but are creating the largest skilling platform in the world.
    • Obvious sweet perks like daily catered breakfast and lunches, endless coffee, and dry snacks. We believe in enabling our employees by removing trivial tasks like packing breakfast/ordering lunch/going out for coffee etc.
    • Swanky custom-built office space. It's a fact that any individual spends a major portion of their lives in office. There's no reason to cut corners in providing the best office space ever.
    • Reimbursements. The company will reimburse any expense made by an employee to reach our goals. Period.
    • We are open to giving out any benefits which will further empower our employees to create the GetMega which we collectively envision.
GetMega is committed to building a diverse and inclusive company that celebrates and develops individuals of all backgrounds. We are an equal opportunity employer and encourage all applicants. 
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Location: Bangalore

Date posted: 2022-01-20