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Audio Director

Larian Studios

Larian Studios are searching for an experienced Audio Director to shape the player’s experience of our dynamic and immersive worlds through sound. We take great care and pride in building our expansive locations, spells, creatures and civilizations, and we're looking for someone to drive the vision and implementation of how these elements are given life through audio implementation.

As an Audio Director at Larian Studios, partner with the Creative Director to generate a vision for weaving an immersive audio landscape, manage a talented team of sound designers and technical audio programmers to ensure their work is hitting our AAA expectations, and oversee the integration pipeline to maintain efficiency and achieve state of industry practices.


    • Create and maintain a direction and high-level planning documents for the sound production
    • Advocate for the player’s experience of the story and mechanics through sound design
    • Maintain tight alignment with Composer / Music Director to ensure consistent audio presentation for the player
    • Oversee the recording, authorship, implementation and mixing of both gameplay audio and cinematics
    • Advise on technical issues in the Voice Over pipeline and supervise post processing tasks to maintain a consistent audioscape
    • Improve and develop the sound production pipelines according to the company's vision, needs and direction
    • Balance authorship between systematics and handcrafted approaches
    • Manage the sound team’s workload and task distribution in partnership with Production
    • Coordinate with Production to foster clear communication inside the team while maintaining alignment with your fellow department directors
    • Partner with Business Development and Production to enhance talent and bandwidth through outsourcing when needed
    • WWise project supervision and regular sanity checks of the audio pipeline and workflow
    • Conduct regular reviews inside the team to ensure direction and quality remain intact
    • Act as the hiring manager when building the team with the skills needed to execute your vision


    • Shipped at least one game as an audio director or multiple as audio lead 
    • Ability to communicate a clear vision and outline implementation strategies
    • Good written and verbal communication skills in English
    • Feels equally well when learning from other colleagues, as well as sharing their knowledge with others
    • Well organized and capable of tackling sudden changes / issues, whenever needed
    • Experience with and an In-Depth knowledge of WWise
    • Experience using a professional DAW (e.g. Nuendo/Cubase/Reaper) in a production environment.
    • Work in the office of Larian Studios in Quebec City, Canada or Guildford, England

Would be a plus:

    • Passion for RPG games or Immersive Sims 
    • Experience in TV, Film, or the Recording industry
We are looking for highly motivated individuals with ever-evolving skillsets and passion for player experience. If you want to contribute to making amazing RPG experiences, we would love to hear from you.
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Location: Guildford
Date found: 2022-11-05

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