3D Artist - Internship


Larian Studios

With multiple awards to our name, Larian Studios has proven that we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality role-playing games. We engage our players on every level with combat, exploration, puzzles, and dialogue.


    • Creating the ingame assets following the guidelines, with or without concept art. (assets involved: Trees, rocks, vegetation, props, furniture, houses, castles, weapons,…)
    • Creating and Baking Highpoly models, created in 3DS max or Maya / Z-brush and texturing them in substance painter (or equivalent 3D and 2D programs). Both organic and hard surface.
    • Work together with the other departments to supply the designers' needs and streamline the tools and processes.

    • A strong interest in Medieval/fantasy/steampunk characters and environments.
    • Able to produce interesting looking assets within different styles, depending on the project, even when there is no concept art available.
    • Good communication skills, able to work in a team and take creative input from the Art Director.
    • Excellent feeling for shape, colour, lighting and composition. Both at Object level as at Scene level.
    • Able to setup and animate simple assets. (Doors opening, machines parts moving,...)
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Location: Quebec

Date posted: 2022-01-20