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Senior Associate Producer


We are looking for a dynamic, experienced Senior Associate Producer to support the Hunt: Showdown development team. 

As a Senior Associate Producer you are expected to be in charge of multiple teams and/or pipelines, to be confident in taking full ownership and making critical decisions whenever needed and applicable, to own and implement roadmap planning, prioritization and time allocation, and ensure development and final product is both outstanding and on time.

You must have excellent project and people management skills, need to be an expert in applying the right development methodologies and team dynamics to maximize productivity, in utilizing project management tools to create transparency, and have a good background knowledge of game production pipelines and the games industry.

*Required documents that allow a careful evaluation of your application are resume and cover letter* 

Relocation & Remote Work
Although we believe living close to our studio helps foster team spirit and stronger bonds between team members, we understand that people have different needs and expectations for their place of residence. You have a choice of three location options, allowing you to work with Crytek from anywhere you wish:

1. Come to our modern headquarters in Frankfurt and receive an attractive relocation package and have access to all of our benefits.

2. If you are already living in a European Union member state, we are able to offer you a permanent work contract and allow you to work remotely as an employee from there. 

3. If you are interested in full-time remote work in any other country outside of the European Union, we can offer you a freelance contract arrangement.


    • See the big picture and disseminate all relevant information to / from your teams. 
    • Receive high-level direction, and provide mid- to low-level direction to your teams. 
    • Own and implement road-map planning for your teams in relation to overall production road-map and priorities. 
    • Prioritize tasks and backlogs in relation to short-, mid- and long-term production goals. 
    • Oversee, coordinate, track and manage activities cross-functionally to ensure that production goals are completed on time. 
    • Facilitate communication and discussion between team members to ensure team buy-in, informed decision-making, and development efficiency. 
    • Create project schedules and track how development is mapping against this, and highlight possible risks and provide alternatives whenever necessary. 
    • Proactively identify production bottlenecks, dependencies and risks, and take appropriate steps and/or provide possible mitigation plans to resolve them. 
    • Confidence in taking full ownership of a product and making big decisions. 
    • Implement and improve processes to ensure delivery on time and quality and to drive team quality, efficiency and effectiveness. 
    • Promote effective and sustainable team dynamics. 
    • Assist in the hiring process. 
    • Mentor other managers on the team. 


    • 5+ years of experience as a Project Manager within the video game industry. 
    • At least shipped two titles on PC and/or Console from beginning to end.
    • Strong knowledge of game development methodologies. 
    • Strong social competence to play in the team and with the team. 
    • Has managed one or multiple teams successfully. 
    • Able to work under pressure and to handle multiple tasks at the same time by having the priorities straight all the time. 
    • Good knowledge of MS Office and Atlassian products (Jira, Confluence etc.). 
    • Team player and self-driven. 
    • Passion and knowledge of games. 
    • Willing to learn, but also to mentor. 
    • Good organizational and problem-solving abilities. 
    • Good negotiation, conflict resolution and decision-making skills 
    • Good communication skills with strong affinity for transparency. 


    • Engineering background.
    • Experience in using CRYENGINE or any other game engine.

What you can expect from us

    • A refreshing yet highly professional atmosphere in a diverse team.
    • Flexible work time.
    • FUN.
    • Free public transportation ticket, which lets you use public transport free of charge 24/7.
    • Free onsite German lessons for our employees.
    • Company language is English. Any additional language is a plus, but not a requirement.
    • Extensive assistance with getting visa, work permits and communication with local authorities.
    • Relocation support.
    • A company apartment for your first few months and help in finding a private apartment. 
    • ...and much more!
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