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Narrative Designer


Crytek is looking for a passionate and experienced Narrative Designer to join the team full time. The successful candidate will become a key member of our narrative team and will play a pivotal role in world-building, design, and technical implementation of game narrative for Crysis 4. If you are a creative and enthusiastic problem solver; imaginative world builder; proactive, organized, and flexible team player; and skilled communicator, we look forward to seeing your application. 
The narrative team is highly collaborative, and we are looking for a Narrative Designer with a penchant for world building, design, and environmental storytelling. You will be the owner of franchise continuity and in-world lore and a key bridge narrative and many other departments, particularly art and level design. Skill and enthusiasm for the in-depth research needed to build a grounded, believe-able sci fi game world, and the ability to summarize findings clearly both in writing and verbally are a must.

Application details: 
In your cover letter, please highlight the professional experiences that make you a good fit for the position. 

Additionally, please provide three writing samples, combined into one pdf. One sample should exhibit the clear concise writing style required for the aforementioned world building reference material. The other two samples should exhibit more stylistic pieces, for example a collection of environmental texts from a game you have worked on. Samples should not exceed five pages. Due to the large volume of applications, we will not review anything longer.
Qualified applicants will be asked to complete a Narrative Design test. 


    • Design. You will take an active role in the development the game’s narrative design, in close collaboration with the game team. This will include concepting, implementing, and iterating.
    • Write. Your main writing focus will be on world building, ie franchise continuity and reference material. You will be responsible for maintaining a world lore wiki (history, science, etc) and communicating across departments to ensure the cohesion and continuity of the game world. In-game, your writing focus would be environmental, requiring the ability to switch between styles, tones, and genres as required.  
    • Collaborate. Cross-departmental communication will be key to this role, requiring adept communication skills, a spot-on sense of tone and creative vision, adaptability, an understanding of the relationship between gameplay and story, and ability to give and take clear and constructive feedback. 


    • 3+ years experience in a Narrative Design position 
    • At least 1 professionally shipped titles 
    • Noteable writing, proofreading, and copyediting skills (American English) 
    • Outstanding communication skills (English)
    • Team player, skilled at cross-departmental communication 
    • Knowledge surrounding video games and storytelling
    • Proactive, organized 
    • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback, and to iterate on your work 
    • Experience with CRYENGINE, or another game engine 


    • Scripting knowledge Python and/or C++) 
    • Familiarity with Excel, JIRA, Word, Teams
    • Familiarity with localization pipelines  

What you can expect of us:

    • A refreshing yet highly professional atmosphere in a diverse team.
    • Flexible work time.
    • Free public transportation ticket, which lets you use public transport free of charge 24/7.
    • Free German lessons
    • Company language is English. Any additional language is a plus, but not a requirement.
    • Extensive assistance with getting visa, work permits and communication with local authorities.
    • Relocation support.
    • A company apartment for your first few months and help in finding a private apartment. 
    • ...and much more! 
All positions are available completely remote! Currently the entire narrative team is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and please note that you will need to work within our time zone’s core hours (CET).
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